Enable digital assistants to understand the user

Now you can create a tailored and situational adaptive UX for your skill. In a totally new way, because you have a deeper user insight than what is possible today. At deeply, we developed an interaction software to undertand who is around, where, attention, age, gender and even emotions.


Alexa understands if and how many persons are in the room.


We detect who is around (age, gender) and emotions so that Alexa can react accordingly.


Alexa understands who is speaking and where the speaker is located.


deeply adds a second sense besides voice processing

Real-time performance on embedded devices

What makes us special? The deeply technology enables empathic interaction on simple hardware. The algorithms can be easily integrated into your Alexa skill for every echo device with camera. We run with 12+ fps on ARM processors and with an accuracy for detection of 99,2% and gender of 88,4%. We analyze more than 20 faces in real-time.

Privacy by design

Unlike other analysis companies we ensure European data privacy standards which is certified by the German government. In cooperation with Fraunhofer, Europe's largest application-oriented research organization, we built the only multi-face solution that runs on every device and does not require internet connection.

Create a unique user experience!


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