See and understand humans

Smart interaction based on sentiment analysis.

We enable low-cost devices to understand the environment and respond accordingly. With the use of performant image analytics, we take a simple 2D camera output to understand who’s around, were, if the user is paying attention, age, gender, and even emotions.


With our technology we achieve high real-time performance on embedded devices. The algorithms can be easily integrated for simple hardware, like an ARM processor.


We create an interactive UX that adapts understand to the context. In a totally new way, because we have a deeper user insight than what is possible today.

Privacy by design

Unlike other analysis companies we ensure European data privacy standards which is certified by the German government. In cooperation with Fraunhofer, Europe's largest application-oriented research organization, we built the only multi-face solution that runs on every device and does not require internet connection.

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We help you to build immersive solutions. Benefit from our long-term experience in face detection and facial analysis and get optimized and robust applications. Test it - for free!

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