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Our algorithms analyze the users' faces to recognize demographic data, attention, stress, and emotions so that we can derive appropriate responses for human-robot interaction.

Shared attention and eye contact
Personalized content and addressing
Proficient interaction with groups
Empathetic reaction to emotions

For superior user experience and business value

Positive experiences are perceived as competent & reliable and projected favorably onto the brand. Good usability reduces complexity resulting in increased adoption and conversion rates. User-centered experiences create engagement leading to low churn and high customer lifetime value. An unambiguous usability prevents misuse and reduces safety issues .

70 % of human communication is non-verbal
Facial expressions make up >50% of non-verbal signals

Across industries and devices

Toy & Education

Retail & Hospitality

Healthcare & Nursing

Toy & Education

Ultra efficient for embedded devices

deeply's advantage over cloud APIs is the performance on-the-edge for embedded systems, enabling feedback in real time. In cooperation with Fraunhofer, Europe's largest application-oriented research organization, we built the only real-time solution that runs on every device and does not require internet connection. Furthermore, privacy is ensured by design as no image data leaves the device.


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Engaging interaction through emotion AI

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